2013 Skoda Octavia Cruising in Daylight

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2013 Skoda Octavia Video

We have been reporting in detail about the 2013 Skoda Octavia that was unveiled recently. In its latest avatar, the Octy gets larger, classier and more powerful.

The 2013 Skoda Octavia will shortly go on sale in Europe and its being said that the car will be here by the end of this year. The 2013 Octy takes the Skoda design to an all new level with its clean and elegant styling and we feel that the new Octavia has taken the design at the Czech auto maker closer to VW, its parent group.

Seen here is the new Octy cruising in the sun in what seems to be like the first video of the new car that has been shot in the daylight.

The Octy takes plenty of design cues from the Skoda VisionD concept and wins a thumbs up from us for its styling.


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