2012 Toyota Corolla – rendered image and development progress


This is a rendered image of the 2012 Toyota Corolla Sedan. The new car will be developed using the current Yaris (the car which was highly rumored to be coming to India before the company announced the Etios) platform by Toyota. Toyota doesn’t want the Corolla to be a technology or design showcase, but wants to adhere to convention in a bid to play it safe with the car’s loyal customers. The new platform of the car will be shared with the compact Yaris, as the latter is a cheaper architecture. With lower development and production costs, the next generation Corolla will be priced more competitively, in a bid to achieve greater sales. The Toyota philosophy here is to keep the new Corolla evolutionary instead of revolutionary, as a revolutionary design may not suit the tastes of Toyota’s long time followers.

Not much is known about the engine options and other details as the car is still in its very early stages of development, but if the reports are to be believed, the car will be very conventional to be cost efficient. The car is expected to hit the streets in 2012.

Image: Burlappcars.com



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