2009/10 Ninja 250R(s) recalled!

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Kawasaki is reportedly recalling the Ninja 250R motorcycle model that bears the ‘2009-2010 model-year’ tag. The recall has been issued due to a detection of a possible oil leak that can be highly hazardous. Apparently porosity in the engine case may allow oil to leak from the engine and get deposited on the rear tire thus increasing chances of a crash.

Kawasaki is reported to have detected this problem in the upper engine cases for some of the 2009-2010 250R models and are blaming it on the porosity in the aluminum casting. This porosity may occur in the pressurized oil passage just above the transmission output shaft. The oil leaking from this location may hence be deposited on the rear tire, turning into a hazardous scenario for the rider. Kawasaki will inspect the recalled vehicles for leaks in the casing, and all the units that show or hint towards the damage will be repaired free of charge. The recall is expected to commence in the US today onwards. Bajaj however haven’t issued any such warning/recall to the Indian customers just yet. Watch this space as we try our best to bring you an update from Bajaj on this matter.

Kawasaki recalls the Ninja 250R - www.motoroids.com

A cornering attempt may well end in a hazardous crash if your bike is running one of the diseased engine casings!

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