This Modified Pulsar NS 200 Is Possessed By The Machines


The motorcycle modification wave has never been higher than it is right now. With so many canvases available, there hasn’t been a better time to let your imagination run free. But even then, show-stealers which stop you in your tracks and make you appreciate the transformation are still far and few in between. However, we came across a stunning example which deserves all your attention and is based on a Kawasaki Pulsar 200 NS, which as you probably know is a re-branded Bajaj for the Indonesian market.


A transformation which took 45 days of hard work, this matte black S3TFIGHTER by TLDF Motomotive sure does stand out. Sporting a terminator like face, the bike and its LED eyes add life to the non-living thing. Look closely below that and you’ll see really unique blinkers near the front forks. The usual fare of custom levers and mirrors has been attached, the chopped front fender is custom, and so is the belly pan. The Pulsar gets rear set front pegs to make the riding posture more aggressive and a custom end can with thermal wrapping around the pipe for better sound. What is unique though is how the rear sub-frame has been chopped off to make the fat rear rubber shine on its own. We still can’t get over that mean looking face though.

If you have modified a motorcycle and allowed your work to stay inside the closet till now, share it with us through any of our social channels and we’ll try to feature it here. Rev hard, rev free!

Via: MotoMahal


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