Customised Yamaha RX-100 Is Reborn As A Cafe Racer

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The magic and alacrity of a two-stroke engine can never be recreated, no matter how much electricity they manage to run through a modern bike’s components. But there are some who are still trying to keep that spark alive and one such individual is Akshat Sharma from Lucknow. A product design student from SUPVA, Akshat calls his Yamaha RX-100-based cafe racer ‘Dvij’ – Sanskrit for rebirth.

Yamaha RX 100 Cafe Racer (2)

With changes which are subtle and minimal, the bike has been fitted with a customised fuel tank finished in chrome, gets a scooped out section for that cafe racer appearance and a neat black and white stripe runs along the sides. Further, this Yamaha has been fitted with 18-inch front and a 16-inch rear wheel, which has been wrapped in fat rubber. Since these bikes packed a lot ‘Go’ in stock form but were fitted with brakes which just could not keep up, Akshat has fitted the bike with a disc brake up front.

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Yamaha RX 100 Cafe Racer (1)

The bike runs what looks like a stock suspension setup, but has been fitted with chrome-finished meters and clip-ons. To achieve a cafe racer stance for the rider, the footpeg has been shifted towards the rear and a linkage for the gear lever helps it to sit close. A custom saddle and a chopped rear section complete the picture, along with subtle details like Martini stripes on the side panel and ‘Braap’ lettering on the engine head cover. This custom machine also appears to run a stock exhaust pipe and we believe performance levels must be identical to stock.

Yamaha RX 100 Cafe Racer (3)

Overall, it’s a neat effort which helps to keep the legend of such machines alive. We are glad people like Akshat spend their time, energy and resources to ensure these beauties still live, even when they can just walk out and buy a modern machine to enjoy the charms of motorcycling. Have a similar story or a modification you would like to share? Pack all the details in an email and send it to us or use any of our social channels to share your and your machine’s story.

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