Yamaha RX 100 Goes From Drab To Fab In Five Minutes Of Time-Lapse

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The process of restoring something which has been eating dust to its former glory takes will and efforts. The joy of riding a legendary motorcycle like the Yamaha RX 100 in current times is worth it though. In a time-lapse video, Prasanth Violet from Kasargod in Kerala shows us how it’s done. He makes the Yamaha go from drab to fab by dismantling every component which stared at its junk future and giving it a new lease of life.

The restoration process is so neat, it makes the RX 100 look even better than how it did when it came out fresh out of the factory. Prasanth first strips the bike to its bare basics, carefully picking out even the spokes from the wheels. He even scrapes the dull coating on the engine block and gives everything a new lease of life with a fresh coat of paint. Once done, he begins to put things back together piece-by-piece and the end result is a 2-stroke Yamaha which looks like a million bucks. The shine and gloss reek of meticulous care and skills, making the RX 100 ready for the road and even the lickable floor of a museum. The addition of a front disc brake and fork gaiters only add some more charm.

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What accelerated like a demon for its time, the Yamaha RX 100 was much loved for the pocket rocket that it was and still is in many ways. Along with the RD350, these Yamahas now command a heavy asking price in the used market, even if they’re filled with cobwebs and a tonne of dust. A properly maintained example is hard to come by as those who own one refuse to part ways and those who do, ask for an amount equivalent to a kidney’s worth.

Yamaha RX 100 restoration

By introducing a modern take, brands like Jawa and Royal Enfield have been feeding fodder to the nostalgia associated with such machines and Yamaha could do well to re-introduce the RX and the RD, powered by modern kit. The brand is working towards making products which bring back the ‘Fun’ associated with the tuning forks logo. So much so, during an interview, their top man did mention that he liked the idea of a modern take on the RX 100 in their portfolio for India. But only time will tell if that becomes a reality some day.

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