Six Hours Later the Kitten Made It out Alive!

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Engine bays are a complicated place, filled with wires and pipes and what not. With engines getting more and more complicated nowadays to make more power and fewer emissions, engine bays have become a place with a lot of cracks and crevices. It is common to have rats enter these small nooks, not only rats, we recently saw a snake entering a BMW as well. While this story does not involve a poisonous snake, but a cute kitten which somehow found its way inside the engine bay of a Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan. Thanks to the presence of mind of the owner and the team of mechanics at Mercedes Benz, the kitten made it out alive after 6 hours of looking around.

Kitten rescued from E Class kitten

The car, owned by Jayeshbhai Tailor, a businessman from Surat, was visiting Mumbai. The family had an interview at the US consulate after which they had plans to visit the Siddhivinayak temple. On the drive, they cracked a window for their pet dog to have a comfortable breeze on its face. The sharp ears of the dog picked up the muted meow of the kitten and the dog started barking. Soon even the occupants were able to hear the cat meow, which made them believe that there may be a cat on the underbody of the vehicle.

Kitten rescued from E Class checking underside

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Once parked on the side, a visual inspection on the side of the road had no results. The meow could still be heard. Jayeshbhai sought the help of local police and even some other people passing by tried to help out. It is quite possible that this may have scared the kitten after which she may have gone further inside the engine area. Finally, Jayeshbhai called up the professionals who asked him to get the car to the workshop in Kalina. Over there, Jayeshbhai asked the advisors to open up the engine bay despite not being able to listen to the sound of any kitten. After 6 long hours, the kitten was finally spotted and Jayeshbhai went ahead to visit the Siddhivinayak temple after dropping the kitten off at an animal shelter.


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