Startech Range Rover Pickup: Rare, pompous and daft!


Startech Range Rover Pickup (1)

You aren’t hallucinating. This is a Range Rover, just not as regal as the regular one.

We think sometimes some of these fancy tuning houses should just not turn their fancy dreams into horrible realities. This time, it’s those guys at the German tuning house Startech who have managed to make a Range Rover appear totally ostentatious and gaudy. What the Brabus-owned modifications house has done is take a standard long wheelbase variant of the Range Rover, and gone absolutely bonkers with it. The once posh and ethereal Rangey into a SUV-cum-pickup truck and was revealed to a stunned audience at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show. To make it stand out even more, Startech has given this Rover a bright red paintjob and added 100 new body parts made out of an assortment of materials from the periodic table. There is the conventional steel and aluminium, but also some ‘lightweight’ carbon-fibre.

Startech Range Rover Pickup (2)

This must be the most impractical pickup on the planet, on counts of its loading area.

As you can see in the pictures, there’s carbon-fibre almost everywhere and even this doesn’t help this Rangey pickup’s appearance. That bed is just 43-inches long and if you think that’s a bit less, you are correct. However, if you lower the electronically operated tailgate you will now have access to a whopping 55-inches of space. Who are we kidding, anyway. This car isn’t about practicality or sensibility, it’s all about taking some quick groceries and then scooting away like a scalded cat.

Startech Range Rover Pickup (3)

The interior looks stunning and there’s loads of carbon-fibre.

As shocking as the exterior might be, the interior shocks too. However, this time in a good way, gladly. The cabin is an amalgamation of beautiful leather, carbon-fibre bits and some metal accents here and there. Also, despite the addition of the bed at the back, the roof almost remains unchanged and still features the large panoramic sunroof.

Startech Range Rover Pickup (4)

It’s a strict 4-seater now, the middle seat is replaced by a massive central tunnel.

After all that’s said and done, don’t take this for a slouch in anyway shape or form, because it just isn’t. The Startech Range Rover Pickup can punish the ambient air till 100 km/h, which shall be dealt with in under 5.5 seconds. Top speed is pegged at 250 km/h, courtesy of 526 tuned up horses. This car also comes with massive 23-inch rims which are a whole 3-inches wider than those found on the stock Range Rover.

Startech Range Rover Pickup (5)

Gotta admit, looks pretty sweet from this angle and those 23-inch wheels look great!

So, would you buy one of these Startech fondled Rangeys? If you do buy one, be sure not place any valuables on the bed as the items could be nicked by a thief. Anyway, give us your opinions/feedback on this car and tell us whether you like it or not.

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