How To Make Your KTM RC390 Look Like The KTM RC8 For Just INR 50k

Its called the KTM RCX, and is a RC390 shrouded with custom, RC8 inspired bodywork that's been fabricated in house by Autologue Design

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The KTM RC8 is one mad hatter. With a heady 173 BHP from its 1195cc V-twin motor, and next to no electronic nannies to keep your jewels intact in case you goof it up, the RC8 is as raw as a modern super-bike can get.

The RC twins follow the same ethos, only with less firepower and and a more affordable sticker price. However, should you be so enamoured by the RC8 that you get sleepless nights and even your RC doesn’t cut it anymore, Autologue Design has a solution.


Its called the KTM RCX, and is a RC390 shrouded with custom, RC8 inspired bodywork that’s been fabricated in house. Inspiration for the headlamps come from the Concept RC690, and are original RC-sourced projector lamps mounted vertically.

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Autologue Design says that these are body-kits that can be bolted on to original mounts, and they come with two seat options. It took them an year to develop the whole package, and this prototype proudly wears a Red Bull livery.


The KM RCX body-kit will set you back by INR 50,000 over the sticker price of the donor RC 200/390. As for go-faster modifications, this prototype has a Race Dynamics ECU and a BMC air filter.

Over the weight of a standard RC200/390, the added weight is of the RCX kit is just 3 kgs. However, its makers say that “carbon and race versions” will drop 1-4 kgs. That’s right, Autologue Design also makes carbon fibre parts by collaborating with Taneja Aerospace to build aircraft grade CF parts.

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The RCX will come with CF options soon, while a racing version of the same, that promises to be stronger and lighter, is also in the pipeline.

KTM RCX Initial Design Renders (2)
KTM RCX Initial Design Renders (1)
KTM RCX Autologue Design (4)
KTM RCX Autologue Design (3)
KTM RCX Autologue Design (2)
KTM RCX Autologue Design (1)

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