Autologue Design’s custom Chappie KTM Duke is a rolling sci-fi flick

Chappie has gone ahead and inspired its own motorcycle, a customised KTM Duke built by Autologue Design.

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Directed by Neill Blomkamp, the same guy who gave us Distrcit 9, Chappie happens to be the story of a damaged specimen from a squadron of armour-plated attack robots weapons built by a weapons manufacturer to curb spiralling crime in Johannesburg, SA.

Just before being scrapped, it is given a new lease of life by the squadron’s AI developer (Dev Patel) who infuses a different, stronger AI into the robot, thus giving birth to Chappie. Back in Pune, India, Chappie has gone ahead and inspired its own motorcycle, a customised KTM Duke built by Autologue Design.

Triumph Tiger Explorer Chappie

Apart from Chappie itself, inspiration comes from Hungarian design house Jakusa Design’s rendering (above) of a Chappie inspired motorcycle based on the Triumph Tiger Explorer. But while that’s restricted to the virtual realm, this thing actually exists.

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All the KTM’s stock body panels have been done away with, and replaced with custom bodywork, every inch of which is an ode to Chappie the robot. For example, the headlamp assembly mimics Chappie’s head, replete with the small ‘winglets’. The eyes form the LED headlamps, while the handlebar mounted auxiliary lamp is inspired by the one on Chappie’s shoulder.


The custom tank is somewhat modelled upon Chappie the robot’s torso, while the tail section pretty much manages to look robot-limb like too. The custom livery is Chappie inspired as well, and even has the ‘Reject’ and ‘Crush’ tags stuck here and there, just like the robot had because it was destined to be salvaged.

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The stock tires and fenders take a walk, and in comes off-road rubber wrapped around stock rims that now show off Mommy and Daddy love. You really need to watch the movie, that also stars Hugh Jackman, to wrap your head around this bit, so I urge you to do the same.

Chappie movie Triumph Tiger Explorer
Chappie movie character
Triumph Tiger Explorer Chappie


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