Jeep Is India’s Most Trusted Automobile Brand, According To TRA’s Brand Trust Report 2019

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Recently, American carmaker, Jeep was named as India’s most trusted automobile brand in TRA’s (Trust Research Advisory) Brand Trust Report, 2019. The company was also ranked as India’s 2nd most trusted brand across different categories covering more than 1000 popular brands. This brand ranking is one of the latest in a series of milestones achieved by Jeep over the past one year. This also includes the expansion of the Jeep dealer network to more than 82 dealerships across 70 cities in India, which is a 50% rise since August 2017. This growing network strategically complements the company’s growing volumes and product purchases in India.


This No. 2 ranking is a huge leap for Jeep from last year when the company was ranked 533. With the increasing number of brands competing in the Indian automobile market, Jeep has somehow managed to win the trust of its Indian consumers and top the list in just 3 years, since it began operations in India. Add to that the high Mopar service standards introduced in India. As Mopar has managed to set the bar of excellence high enough in the automobile service industry for the past 80 years, Jeep is now able to offer a 360-degree service, while a team of 600 experts take care of the cars in the world-class workshops.

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Kevin Flynn – President and Managing Director, FCA India said, “The investment and effort put into our brand in India is paying off. The Brand Trust Report ranking is a validation of our strategy to link Jeep and its heritage to freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion. The commitment and passion with which we have nurtured customer and business relationships have helped forge extraordinary bonds between the brand and the vehicle owners. The deep trust in the Jeep brand has resulted in strong bonds that have nurtured us. Not only has Jeep come to represent a way of life articulated by our ‘Go Anywhere. Do Anything’ motto, it has become a part of the Jeep owner’s identity. Jeep is an experiential brand globally and we believe in setting the stage for our customers and fans to experience the Jeep Life.”