VIDEO: World’s weirdest Vespa is in Indonesia, riding this would be called Scootboarding!


Vespa modification

The rider’s hairdo is funky, but a helmet covering it would’ve been even better.

There are some extreme bike modifications and then there is this one. Someone in Indonesia obviously thought that their Vespa scooter isn’t glamorous, enough. So what did the bloke do? Well, as you can see in the above image, he made it lower to the ground than the original. How low, you ask? Low enough to hit a grain of sand, probably. And low enough to be mistaken for a skateboard with a scooter’s body. Not just that, the genius also turned this scooter into something that can now transport three adults. This scene would be very deja vu to those who have watched the 2006 Bollywood flick – Golmaal. In that film, the actors were seen riding along on a three-wheel motorbike, where one sat behind the other. Well, this Indonesian probably watched that movie and liked the bike in the movie a bit too much.

Not only did this dude lower his Vespa and made it a three-seater, but he also made everyone on it sit in, what looks like, a faecal position. Hilarious to look at, but also equally interesting. Also, what is more, noteworthy is that out of the three, only one person is seen wearing a helmet. Indonesia is apparently famous for its Vespas, but we reckon this particular example could be the yardstick for others to do something similarly extreme. Watch the below and video and tell us what you thought of this scooter and the respective scoot boarding.

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