VIDEO: Watch this biker posing and dancing to the beat of music while riding


Bike stunts

“Look Ma, he’s flying!”…. “No son, he’s just stupid.”

Note: Motoroids does not endorse or support such lunacy on public roads and wear your safety gear when riding.

Now, we don’t know of many people who can ride a bike, perform stunts with it and dance whilst riding it, all at the same time. However, this guy proved to us and many YouTubers, that he can do all of the above-mentioned things and do them to the beat of his favourite song. He was so confident about his skills that he even got some of his brilliant buddies along for his primetime action. What you are about to see is more stupid than the time you tripped on your own shoe laces.

Not only is this rider stupid, his mates are no less than him. Playing loud music and cheering their rider buddy, the guys in the follow-car don’t seem to realise that their idiocy could lead to a potential tragedy. Thankfully, god almighty saved this rider who wasn’t even wearing his safety gear. Oh, well. At least he ended his silly stunt montage with a smile for the camera, how nice! This one is hilarious and we reckon you will be laughing for some time to come. Anyway, watch the video below and let us know of your thoughts and opinions on the same.


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