VIDEO: Watch Dom go against his family in the Fast and Furious 8 trailer


In Furious 7, all the characters found their paths of life and moved away from their lives of crime. But little did they know that fate will throw them back into their notorious past and screw with them big time. Team Dom is not only going to have to pull off exhilarating stunts and action to take down the bad guys but also go against one of their own. The good-turned-evil of this movie is none other than our very own Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel.

With Dominic Toretto as leader of the pack, Letty, Luke, Roman, Tej, and others have pulled off impossible stunts throughout their life until now. In the new upcoming ‘The Fate of the Furious’, the team has to unite against Dominic who has been recruited by Cipher played by Charlize Theron. Definitely, there shall be some reason because of which Dom is playing against his own family.

As seen from the trailer, it seems the good guys are having a tough time in containing Dominic’s action as he is busy whoppin’ their ass. To stand tall against their, now, former boss, the Furious good guys along with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will have to recruit somebody into their team and that will be none other than the badass Deckard Shaw played by equally kickass Jason Statham!

The trailer of the upcoming Fast and Furious 8 or The Fate of the Furious is smashingly amazing. While the previous version had cars flying out of airplanes the upcoming FnF will have cars and tanks going against a submarine!

The movie is all set to be released on 14 April 2017. Here’s the first official trailer of the upcoming Fast and Furious movie!

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