VIDEO: The Ripsaw EV-2 is proof that zombie killers exist, if not zombies!


2015 Ripsaw EV-2

If ever there comes a time when some ridiculously menacing zombies come to eat you alive, you would want a Ripsaw EV-2 parked somewhere close by and its keys in your pocket. Because if anything can save you from the clutches of flesh-eating zombies, then this is it. The Ripsaw EV-2 is made by Howe & Howe, a company that specialises in manufacturing extreme vehicles (yeah, that’s what this EV stands for) and even produces some bonkers machinery for the United States Defense forces. The makers of this unhinged vehicle have also made some other daft vehicles, especially for a few Hollywood flicks, one being a G. I. Joe movie. Keeping their special clientele and past experiences in mind, we certify this extreme vehicle as “Fit for use in zombie land”.

Cockpit of the 2015 Ripsaw EV-2

Cockpit of the Ripsaw has no creature comforts. Luxury vehicle? Naah, it’s an extreme vehicle.

The Ripsaw EV-2 comes powered with a supercharged V8 engine that churns out 650 horses and the whole thing moves about on a pair of caterpillar tracks, just like you get on a tank. What all this means is that you can go over pretty much anything that dares to come in your way. Watch in amazement as this steroidal beast goes cuckoo on ice and snow, drifting and jumping all over the place. This thing makes a Skyline GT-R look spiritless and uninspiring, the latter can’t even mow down a zombie. Enjoy the video and the background score, while don’t forget to leave your thought/opinions in the comment box.


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