VIDEO: Some people think that a Riding Jacket is also the Helmet

In an attempt to gain those two minutes of fame, three headless youngsters think of real life as a movie set.


Before we say anything further, allow us to warn you that this is a really shoddy AV made by headless folks while they endangered themselves and also others on a public road. So it begins with these two really stupid friends coming across a patch of road they feel is ideal to pull off some stunts. But all they have is an Activa. So they call a friend who had just shampoo’ed her hair and she reaches the spot on a KTM RC 390, 30 minutes late, wearing a strange looking riding jacket. But no HELMET! While on the motorcycle, she probably was humming, “Surakshit kaale mere baal…” Kaale? Yes. But Surakshit? No!


Friend number one goes out to perform some stunts and comes back failing miserably. The way he had taken his shades off in the beginning though, made us feel that he is the Hero in the plot. So the other guy very neatly wears them gloves, the jacket, but still doesn’t realise that the helmet’s missing. He performs some stupid stunts where he almost comes off, but the stupid music and his antics continue. Why are we highlighting this? Because in an attempt to gain those two minutes of fame, you could kill yourself, your friend, someone else on the road, or worse, watch a friend lose their life! For the love of motorcycles, humans, and that head, please don’t be like these guys.

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