VIDEO: This RE Himalayan stuck in the Himalayas will tell you why Off-roading isn’t a solo game


Unless you wish to share an adventure filled story with your grandchildren and scare yourself silly by getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with no assistance whatsoever, venturing off the road on your own, is a bad idea. You could be piloting the World’s best SUV or riding the most potent adventure motorcycle out there, but no matter how reliable things are, the possibility of something going wrong or you making a mistake always exists. When that happens, finding yourself stuck, somewhere where there’s no cellular network, no humans, no assistance, and just you along with the company of your echoing screams, is just what nightmares are made of.


Take this RE Himalayan rider for instance. Before he takes his bike down the hill, he makes the mistake of not paying heed to his friend’s advice that the Himalayan hasn’t got the tyres to do what he wants the bike to do. Regardless, feeling confident that the other friend will pull him out if things go south, the RE rider takes the plunge. The RE rider makes a big mistake of not walking down first to probe the surface before taking his bike down the hill and as a result, realises that the surface won’t offer enough traction for the Himalayan to climb back up. His Triumph riding friend then finally comes to his rescue, they both struggle to push the bike up the hill but somehow manage in the end. Now imagine if someone commits a mistake like this when they’re on their own, away from civilization, without any friend around to help them.


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