VIDEO: Parking meter maid lifts an SUV as driver refuses to move, but there is a twist in the tale


Meter Maid Picks Up SUV Prank - 1

A parking meter maid named Jenni was doing her routine job when an errant cab driver challenged her authority and refused to move his SUV from the incorrectly parked position. The lady officer teachs the rude cab driver a lesson as she lifts the front end of the SUV with her bare hands. Passerby are astonished to her strength as one lady calls her the Incredible Hulk! But there is a small twist in the tale.

Meter Maid Picks Up SUV Prank - 2

The cab in the video is rigged and is surrounded by hidden cameras to prank the passerby and capture their reactions. Check out the prank video here:

The video prank, pulled by YouTube channel DidThatJustHappen, captured the reactions of people witnessing her teaching a rude cab driver a lesson and the expressions of the people who fell prey to this prank are priceless. Liked the video? Now share the video instantly with the “Share Tools” below. Don’t forget to express your views about the video through the comments section below.

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