VIDEO: Meet a motocross helmet carved out of aluminium block


Aluminium Helmet - 1

Michealangelo once said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” If Michealangelo was a biker, he would have definitely said this again after watching this video.

Now, if you are a hardcore fan of bling, then this video is just made for you. Here is a helmet that has been carved out of an aluminium block. Sadly though, this helmet is a one off piece that was made to demonstrate 5Axis High Speed Cutting Technical Demonstration by Daishin Seiki Corporation.

Aluminium Helmet - 2

The Performance Racing Helmet was commissioned to celebrate Daishin Seikis 50th anniversary. The one of a kind helmet was created to present in the 2009 Mori-Seiki Dream Cutting Contest where it scored a gold medal. Here is the complete video of the helmet in making. Do let us know your thoughts and opinions through comments below.

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Aluminium Helmet – 4
Aluminium Helmet – 3
Aluminium Helmet – 2
Aluminium Helmet – 1

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