Video: Drifting a Suzuki GSX-R and a Polaris RZR on a frozen lake

Video: A Polaris RZR and a 175 hp Suzuki GSX-R have fun drifting on a frozen lake where an annoyed person throws grenades at them.

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Fans of Bond movies will remember the chase sequence from ‘Die another day’, where Pierce Brosnan in his adaptive camouflage equipped Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is after the bad guy, who is seen driving a Jaguar XK-R loaded with rockets and missiles. Someone has taken inspiration and found a frozen lake to put the spikes on their wheels to good use.

In this video, a Polaris RZR 4×4, powered by a 90 hp motor and with 4mm spikes on its wheels. It is seen in its natural habitat with an unusual migrant bird that is not a Penguin. It is a Suzuki GSX-R that does 0 – 100 in 2.6 seconds, is propelled by a 175 hp engine and has wheels that have been fitted with 25mm spikes. As both machines try to turn the frozen lake back into it’s liquid state, they manage to annoy a boy who is loaded with grenades.

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