VIDEO: KTM Duke rider captures a Pulsar RS crash and an Apache RTR save in a single video


Once upon a time, the tagline for the Pulsar RS 200 suggested something which surprised one and all. Adding no salt to those words, an aggressive Pulsar RS rider experienced a situation, where one falls from a height, straight into a crocodile’s mouth. Followed by a KTM Duke rider who was filming the entire incident, the guy on the Pulsar struggled with corner exits as he entered a bend too fast, followed a wrong trajectory, and was doing all this while being oblivious to traffic on public roads.


On one such bend, he enters too fast, is unable to pull his bike towards the inside, goes wide, and ends up crashing into a concrete divider, before being thrown over on to the other side. By the time he had stopped rolling and was just about collecting himself, the KTM rider was already waving towards vehicles on the other side, informing them about the hazard. However, the fallen hero sat in the blind spot of a TVS Apache rider, who was approaching from the other side and was overtaking a cab. Although late to notice the sitting duck, the Apache rider does well to brake hard and skillfully manoeuvres his way around the hazard. Credit also goes to the pillion who sat up at the right time and managed to balance herself on an out of shape motorcycle. This should suggest that one must never take TV commercials or taglines too seriously.

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