You could call it turbo-charged vs normally aspirated or V8 taking on a twin turbo Straight-six, a yellow car vs a black car or just BMW M4 VS AUDI RS5. The arrival of something new from BMW’s ‘M’ division is always exciting for performance car fans and the new M4 has a lot to stand-up to and surpass, as it replaces the legendary M3 coupe.

The M4 is powered by a 425 bhp twin-turbo straight six engine, driving the rear wheels, replacing the V8 in the older car. The car weighs 1497 kgs and features a carbon-roof to keep things light. The RS5 on the other hand has a 4.0 litre V8 that sits in it’s bonnet and drives all four wheels through the ‘Quattro’ system, while producing 430bhp. The Audi weighs 1715 kgs which is heavier than the M4. The turbocharged M4 surprisingly makes more torque than the RS5 and weighs less.

The folks at Auto Express take these two coupe’s to the track, watch the video to see if the new M4 is capable of succeeding the M3.

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