VIDEO: A car to scare the bejesus out of other motorists, Fab Fours Legend is here!


Fab Fours Legend

Have you always wanted a car that scares other motorists in their ordinary cars. A car that will make most SUVs look vanilla? Then we are happy to announce, that your car is here. Massive petrolhead Jay Leno, decided to take it for a spin. The Fab Fours Legend is a one-off and is based on an ordinary Jeep Wrangler SUV. Looks stunning, doesn’t it? It’s got 50-inch tyres that are mounted on 24-inch wheels! Meaning, those tyres are almost as tall as most family hatchbacks. Easy to get into this car? No. Cool to look at? Definitely!

You will also notice those bright red tints on all of the ‘greenhouse’ of this modded car. Well, those aren’t very high-tech and that means, sitting inside, you will see the whole world in red tint. This might look swaggy, but is actually quite stupid (imagine driving this at night) and that’s okay, as this is just a prototype. Obviously, this will probably never make it to a showroom. But, that won’t be a surprise once you understand the reasons. So, watch the video and tell us what you think of this hooliganistic motor.


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