Your next car’s dashboard could be made of grass!


grass car

Automakers the world over are trying to find innovative ways in order to meet the fast changing norms which favor a greener planet. Many parts of a vehicles interior are made of petroleum-based plastics and the search is on for an appropriate alternative that comes from agricultural byproducts, like certain grasses.

Dr Amar Mohanty, Director of Bioproducts discovery and Development centre at the University of Guelph says the automotive industry is keen to inculcate bio-based materials in production of cars. Dr Mohanty’s team was recognized at the 2014 Auto21 conference held recently for their research on hybrid composite materials that could be used to make vehicle interior parts.

car green

Adding bio components, which include typical byproducts like switchgrass to petroleum products will enhance the properties of a car, manufacturers strive hard to achieve, like reducing weight, meeting emmission norms, less carbon foot-print and reduction in global warming.

Recently Ford Motor Co and Ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co. announced their collaboration to research if tomato fibres could be used to make composite materials used for wiring brackets or certain other car interior parts instead of petroleum based products.

We wonder if we park our cars, interiors made of grass, near a horse or some cattle, wouldn’t it turn out to be really expensive hay? Or if you have a pet sheep which travels with you, how difficult would it be extracting that ac vent it just ate!

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