Must Watch: Subaru colour changing prank is funny, but is it real or a fake?

Must Watch: Subaru colour changing prank is funny, but is it real or a fake? The technology is apparently called Paramagnetic Colour and it looks.. umm fun!


Subaru colour changing prank

Ever wondered of a quick and easy way to alter the colour/paint of your car? Probably, we all have at some point, thought of visiting a paint shop to give our car a fresh new look. However, that hobby can be quite expensive and takes some quantifiable amount of time to happen. There is a technology out there and it’s called Paramagnetic Colour. What this does is, once applied to your car of choice, enables you to change the car’s colour at your whim and fancy. That too, with just the push of a button.


This one is blue for now, but what if that could be changed. Computer trickery, anyone?

In this video, you will watch some Russians playing a prank with some passer-by. The car involved in this case is a Subaru WRX STi and seems to be wearing an orange shade as standard. The driver then retreats to where his mates are, and then the prank begins. With just the push of a remote button, the Subaru changes colours ranging from green, blue, purple etc. Much to amusement of the those recording this whole setup, ‘unaware’ folks on the street get surprised and an overly inquisitive nanny even goes to hit the Subaru with her walking stick. We are sure some of you’d love to know about the existence of this incredible and futuristic car paint. Maybe, even buy some for your car. Well, before all that, tell us what you think of this. Is it real or is it just computer gimmick? Well, it’s time to come clean – this is quite comprehensively a fake and it’s all computer software wizardry. So, yeah. There. Anyway, write your opinions and thoughts about this in the comments section, below.

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