MUST WATCH: Amateur stunt biker noob gets chased off by angry oxen, hilarious!


Funny biker

Note: Motoroids does not support or endorse any type of stunting on public roads.

We agree, oxen can seem a bit intimidating at first, but they usually tend to mind their own business. However, these ones weren’t so calm and this amateur stunt biker dude just made a bad decision by performing a really lame stunt, with the oxen and a cameraman as his only audience. Unfortunately for this bloke, his rather mundane stunt was so boring and annoying (apparently), that the otherwise harmless mammals ganged up and drove this guy out. The entire thing is so hilarious, that you might not want to be drinking anything, or else you might spit it all out! Trust us on this, you don’t wanna be performing any stunts, good or bad, when there are some oxen around. Watch the video and tell us what you thought about the whole thing.


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