Matt LeBlanc gets dirty for the 23rd season of TopGear; premiering this May


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TopGear fever is about to begin as the new hosts and the star automobiles are all set to take on the stage for some motoring madness. Many have lost hope and feel that the new arrangement of the show will not do as good as it did with the former trio on board. But there are some loyal show watchers, motoring enthusiasts and the fans (of the new star host) that are keeping their fingers crossed for some good show. The upcoming season of the show has been in all sham talks since one of the newly appointed hosts seemed to be inefficient and galling. While this is happening in TopGear-land their arch rivals, ex TopGear hosts have still not decided a name for their upcoming show on Amazon Prime.

TopGear Matt LeBlanc (1)

Well, we have discussed the above situation quite a number of times now and that is not why we have gathered here today. TopGear is in full swing to get their show floored soon in the month of May and recently had released the first ever trailer of their new season. And now the folks have released another dust-slinging teaser of the show.

TopGear Matt LeBlanc (2)

The teaser video shows, the muscular Matt LeBlanc struggling to get inside an Ariel Nomad. He fights his way inside and finally gets himself behind the wheel after which he cranks up the 2.4 K24 Honda 4 cylinder i-VTEC and whiz through the mud for some dust-filled mayhem. He floors the throttle and 235 Bhp starts to speak and while he is doing that a motocross rider takes a leap over him. Enough of talking, here is the teaser video of the 23rd Season of TopGear, have a look! Let us know what you think about the new teaser. Will the show be as good as it was, or will it be just some other show? Hit us with your opinions through the comments section below.

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