Fiat 500 Gets A Custom Kamasutra Theme From Garage Italia Customs

A Fiat 500 gets a custom Kamasutra wrap. We get you all the details, images and specifications.

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In the recent past, we’ve seen a number of cars and bikes wrapped in chrome, matte or glossy finish. While most of these vinyl wraps are limited to a single shade, a few daring owners choose multiple colour options and designs. The wrap featured here takes it to a whole new level altogether.

Fiat 500 kamaSutra uncensored side profile

Garage Italia Customs has taken a Fiat 500 and wrapped it a theme which they rightly call ‘Kar_masutra’. The wrap depicts the art of the Indian and Japanese Kamasutra across the body of the car. What makes the wrap even more special is the heat sensitive thermochromic varnish that censors the objectionable parts with black rectangles. If the temperature outside increases, the black rectangles disappear, revealing everything, yes everything!

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The interior of this Fiat 500 is bound to take your excitement levels a notch higher with a handful of ‘accessories’ such as fuzzy handcuffs hanging from the roof, an erotic pair of dices dangling on the IRVM, and an adult toy shape inspired gear lever. If you want privacy, you can close the red drapes while also lighting up the ‘Adults Only’ sign near the rear windscreen.

Fiat 500 kamaSutra red interiors

If you plan on keeping it a tad bit simpler, the company offers a more subtle version of the model with pink and cream coloured upholstery, sans the adult toys. To leave a hint of the theme inside, the dashboard features an erotic image to keep the front passenger occupied.

Fiat 500 kamaSutra uncensored
Fiat 500 kamaSutra uncensored side profile
Fiat 500 kamaSutra red interiors
Fiat 500 kamaSutra custom dashboard
Fiat 500 KamaSutra censored
Fiat 500 KamaSutra censored side profile

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