Win a Diamond Legend chain-sprocket set worth Rs 1250 for your Royal Enfield

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Motoroids presents this unique contest for all Royal Enfield motorcycle owners. You can now win as many as eight high-performance, ultra reliable and low-maintenance O-ring chains for your loved ride. The Diamond Legend O-ring chains on offer here are much better than your conventional chains – they don’t require manual lubrication, and last for much longer. The sprockets of this set are also made of grade 25 cast iron as against the regular grade 20 of normal sprockets. The tougher sprockets prevent chipping of teeth and last much longer.

Diamond Chains wants you, the Motoroids members, to help them develop their transmission chains for Indian bikes. As a part of this development programme, you need to supply some information to Motoroids / Diamond about the chain-sprocket of your bike. Here’s the information you need to supply to get a chance to win a Chain-Sprocket set for your Bike

a. Brand (Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache etc)
b. Engine Capacity (100/110-125/150-180/200-250/>250/Bullet 350/500)
c. Kms Run (From the odometer)
d. Service type (Local Mechanic/Service Center/Self)
e. Chain Current wear status (current notch position on the chain adjustment nut at the rear hub)
f. Common driving area (City/highway)
g. Common driving conditions (eg heavy traffic/ghat roads/high dust/coastal areas)
h. Current observations and complaints (Chain noise/slack etc)
i. Current chain details (eg. TIDC/Rolon (420/428H/O ring))
j. Previous chain replacement (Frequency and if possible the number of kms run since change)
k. Current Shock Absorber condition (As specified by a mechanic to the customer)
l. Pictorial representations (1. Gearbox Sprocket 2. Rear Sprocket 3. Close up view of a couple of links on the chain)
m. Perception of the Diamond Brand (thought, opinion)

Send your data to [email protected]

You can also see the previous winners of a similar contest in the Motoroids talks section and post the information about your bike’s chain set there.

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