What to Look for When Buying a Subcompact Car

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There is no vehicle class more competitive than the subcompact market. Small cars are immensely popular with practically every manufacturer having at least one entry – this means that there are a lot of excellent automobiles available, but also some that are not so great. This class is popular because subcompact cars are suitable for young drivers, professionals and small families, plus they can also be affordable, economical and stylish.

As such a competitive class it can be difficult to navigate, but here is what you need to look out for:

Brand & Model Reputation

As with any other class, it is important to consider the brands available and particular models. There are many brands that are famous for their subcompacts, including Ford, Vauxhall and Peugeot. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with one of these brands when shopping at dealerships like AA Cars.



Subcompact cars are not always the most practical due to their small size, but there are also certain models which are very practical and make good use of the space available. Some have a surprising amount of interior space so that you can comfortably fit a few passengers, whilst boot size can also vary drastically.


One of the main benefits of subcompact cars is the fact that they are (typically) more economical than other vehicles. Fuel-efficient vehicles are a great way to reduce run-ning costs, plus it is also beneficial in a time where there is a shift towards eco-friendly driving. It is also worth looking at electric and hybrid subcompacts as there are many excellent ones available.


Insurance Groups & Safety

Typically, subcompacts are the cheapest cars to insure because they are less powerful and valuable than other types of vehicles. Additionally, many of them have a 5-star safety rating, so be sure to look out for these brilliant automobiles.


Performance is always an important factor when it comes to shopping for a car. As such a large market, there are inevitably some subcompacts which do not offer a good driving performance and these should be avoided. A subcompact should be fun, res-ponsive and easy to drive so that you can navigate city streets and park with ease.

These are the key factors to consider when shopping for a subcompact automobile. There are many terrific entries to consider (and a few to avoid), so you should be able to pick out a stylish, safe, practical and reliable automobile which perfectly suits your needs.

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