VIDEO: This Hand Made 125cc Miniature V10 Engine is the creation of a true Wizard

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Give an ordinary man a chisel and a hammer and he’ll probably not know what to do with it. In the hands of a Genius though, those tools generate art which defines human capabilities. Keith the Magician here had already built a miniature V8, and since there were some V12s out there too, he decided to explore the unexplored idea of building a miniature V10!


So he got to work in 2014 and after putting in three years of hard work, backed with discipline, patience, some superhuman skills, and the will, Keith achieved excellence with this 125cc miniature V10 engine which has fuel injection, a dry sump oil system, and a triple plate clutch! Everything is custom, including raw materials, and the guy even machined every single tooth in all of the gears! While we have troubles paying attention to something for even four minutes, the man here burnt a lot of midnight oil and has perhaps even lubricated the engine with his worth in Gold elbow grease. Feast your eyes on the incredible levels of attention to detail and let’s all take a bow.

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