Video: A simple motorcycle mod that turns it into a boat

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The way it has been raining in Bombay since morning, you decided to click a picture of that river outside your home and send it to your boss, giving him proof for not being able to make it to work. Your boss suggested you buy an SUV to wade through that river, so you don’t miss work and win that award for the “Man who never misses work”, at the quarterly R&R function.

You thought SUV’s have suddenly become too expensive after you read our report about prices being hiked by 1%. So you went to the parking lot, looked at your motorcycle and started thinking, what is it you could do, to turn your two-wheeler into a speed boat. A man on Youtube was able to think better and faster than you. He made a very simple modification to the exhaust, which makes you wonder, why did i not think of that before? Watch this video if you really wish to win that award at the quarterly ‘R&R’. Interestingly his T-shirt belongs to ‘TATA’, is he an employee who shares your situation?

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