Renault cars to be dearer by 1% starting this month

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There are some facts in life, the sun will always rise in the east, you will continue to get old and prices will continue to rise. So if you witnessed this morning how it rained in Bombay and were standing at a bus stop next to the Renault showroom, chances are, you saw that sparkling Duster behind the glass pane and almost made up your mind to buy one and wade through the city’s river like streets.


Now in some news that wouldn’t really trouble you too much, unless you spend sleepless nights thinking, what in this world caused that Re 1 rise in the milk prices. Renault in a press release has stated that, prices of the Duster, Pulse and Scala will go up by 1% starting 1st of July. The move comes as a result of increase in input costs, which has driven up the cost of components.

This isn’t news that will make you think twice about making that car purchase, but we have to bring it to you, you know.

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