Video: NFS Shift 2 Unleashed, launch on March 29

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Here’s some great news for the digital racers. The biggest racing franchise of the them all, NFS, is launching Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed by March 29. And this time, unlike all the earlier times (except Shift 1 of course), when the cars turned at crazy speeds without losing balance, defying all physics, the game is a simulator. So much so that NFS is marketing life-like physics as its USP. Get geared for some really difficult times if you are used to taking U-turns at 180km/h.

This video is a kind of self-eulogizing documentary about the extent to which the developers went to make sure that the electronic world doesn’t differ much from the real one. Interviews with the racers who helped develop the program and clips of their crazy machines make it worth a watch. Have a look, you’d love it if you are a driver at heart.