Video: NFS Shift 2 Unleashed, launch on March 29

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Here’s some great news for the digital racers. The biggest racing franchise of the them all, NFS, is launching Need For Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed by March 29. And this time, unlike all the earlier times (except Shift 1 of course), when the cars turned at crazy speeds without losing balance, defying all physics, the game is a simulator. So much so that NFS is marketing life-like physics as its USP. Get geared for some really difficult times if you are used to taking U-turns at 180km/h.

This video is a kind of self-eulogizing documentary about the extent to which the developers went to make sure that the electronic world doesn’t differ much from the real one. Interviews with the racers who helped develop the program and clips of their crazy machines make it worth a watch. Have a look, you’d love it if you are a driver at heart.
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  • Bharadwaj says:

    GREAT Review. Appreciate your detailed review. I am a great fan of Tata motors and I want them to succeed. If so much of progress is made in the first decade, imagine the coming decade! It's going to be one great ride, well done Tata

  • Savi says:

    Very good review. Professionally written, good language and great coverage of all features.

  • razor says:

    amazing review, one of the best I have ever read 😉 kudos!

    car specs sounds juicy and has re-defined the Indian manufacturer's name!

    the "T" symbol has to be renovated though!

    All in all looks like a great package!

  • Sheel says:

    That Tata Aria except for its rear-end looks has a lot going for it and if critics like you came away impressed, I am sure the aam junta will be as much pleased if not more.

    I like this Car, okay MUV and if had the green bucks, would buy the top-end.

    You guys need a standing ovation for the report penned.

    Barely a couple of hours have passed and you came up a good detailed review. Brilliant photography added the right notes.

    I am really proud of you guys, hats off.


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