Video: Mclaren MP4-12c VS Ferrari F458 Italia

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Fifth Gear, the only TV show that can possibly claim to have come anywhere close to the popularity of Top Gear, is liked by a lot if us. And why not, if they test the right cars, at the right place, and give the right judgement, they deserve all the popularity and the accolades. For instance, in the video that we are showing you here, these lucky sons of guns have managed to pit the Mclaren MP4-12c against the Ferrari F458 Italia. Now that’s one of the most interesting tests of our times, as McLaren is a company which gave the world the legendary F1. And with the MP4-12c, they are claiming to have redefined the supercar. And track focused, agile, exquisite and fun supercars don’t get better than the Ferrari F458 Italia. It’s just the right benchmark to gauge the new exponent of British automotive engineering (if any such thing remains anymore).

So have a look, enjoy the hair raising experience, and like always, do tell us which car you think will win before you start watching the video….

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