Video: Insanely loud Ferrari FXX-K in action at the Yas Marina

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As if the LaFerrari wasn’t mad enough, Maranello unveiled the FXX-K, a track-exclusive, non road-legal variant of the LaFerrari. Successor to the FXX, FXX Evo, 599XX and 599XX EVO, the car uses the same 6.3L V12 of the regular LaFerrari, but pumps out 1035 HP, and uses science fiction stuff like KERS and ERS to further make things scary.

Other techno wizardry includes the E-Diff electronic differential, F1-Trac traction control and racing ABS brakes, all controlled from the center console. Like the FXX and 599XX before it, the FXX-K is a part of Ferrari’s Client Test Driver program, that allows owners of XX cars, to drive in special tracks, collecting data for use in future Ferrari road and race cars. Watch it go around the Yas Marina circuit in this video, must’ve ruptured many eardrums we are sure.

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