Video: The funniest bikers live in Kerala

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If you have been browsing through Motoroids with a long face, glancing at your phone, then the calendar, waiting for the holiday season to arrive. We share your plight too. So we browsed through Youtube, reached Kerala and found some of the funniest bikers in our country.

If you have been planning to visit god’s country this season, keep an eye open for such jolly folks you might come across on two-wheels. On a serious note, none of these people were wearing any safety gear and for anybody watching this, making someone smile is the best thing you could ever do, but do it, so that you survive to share the humour after the act. Some acts in the video do not involve motorcycles, but then they will get rid of your long face for sure. Please do not wear a ‘Lungi’ to ride motorcycles, wear them when you do the dance.

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