VIDEO: Dhoom rider on LA streets gets chased by Cop cars, bikes and choppers

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Here’s some proof that the Dhoom movie franchise did manage to attract fans not just in India, but also elsewhere. Seen in this video is a man in shorts, who like his pants, forgot to carry his sanity along. As he tries to emulate his favorite Bollywood hero, he goes on to perform stunts, takes selfies, stands up on the bike to feel like Jesus, puts Tata Young on a loop in his Mp3 player, runs red lights and tries to get a feel of what it must be like to ride in India.

Emulating the riders desi style, a cop tries to obstruct his way by opening the door of his patrol car, but the rider manages to dodge him and goes on with his antics. The 22-year old then pulled into a gas station, lied down on his belly, and surrendered. Quite a pointless exercise we’d say, meant to be watched on a pointless day like Monday.

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