Video: A BMW M4 smokes in the company of its siblings

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smoking m4

Smoking is injurious to health and can result in serious health repercussions. If you light up in the vicinity of your siblings, the ill-effects will certainly pass onto them, and there are high chances you will inspire them to pick the habit. But what if the entire family has had a smoke filled past, something which people surprisingly consider as an admirable trait, what if they take you to a proving ground and test you for your smoking capabilities?

The new BMW M4 faced a similar dilemma, as it went around other ‘M’ powered cars, showing off its ability to shred rubber into smoke. The other ‘M’ family members featured in the video include a 1M, lots of M3’s, the X5M, the M5 and the M6 Roadster. Watch the M4 go around the other cars, which stand still and observe the youngest ‘M’ show off its capabilities. We like how the video ends in a picture perfect manner.

bmw m4 smoking 2

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