Video: A 360-degree camera system that provides a bird-eye view of the car

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We always fear what we don’t understand. Some of us develop a magical ability, where our brains repel learning a particular skill. It gets to a point where we are comfortable not associating ourselves with that activity. It could be trigonometry in school or parking the car in tight spaces. While it could come naturally to some, there are people who dread the thought of navigating the car into or out of a tight space. Technology always comes to the rescue, for the one’s weak at mathematics they made a calculator and for the parking problem they fixed cars with cameras and parking sensors.

German auto components supplier, Continental has taken things to the next level, literally. They have developed a 360-degree camera system for the car, which creates a bird-eye view of the vehicle to display any obstacles that surround the car and make parking a breeze. Fish-eye cameras are mounted at the front, in the mirrors and the rear, images are then stitched together by a processor to form a bird-eye view image around the car. It’s like a spotter that is constantly hovering above your car, to tell you what’s around it. It doesn’t stop there, the gadgetry inspired by video game tech, can spin around the car to dismiss possibility of any blind spots. Do watch the video, your son, friends, neighbors and passersby will be relieved from their spotting duties, every time you had to move the car out of a tight space.

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