Top Reasons To Buy A New BS4 Vehicle Instead Of A BS6 Version

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A lot of potential buyers out there are sitting on the fence, thinking, if they should buy a BS4 vehicle now or wait for its BS6 model to arrive and then take the plunge. While it’s a good idea to wait, as the BS6 model of any XYZ four or two-wheeler you have set your sights on will pack the latest technology to comply with all norms, there are some downsides too. Here are a few:

R15 MotoGP Edition

Higher Price

All BS6-compliant vehicles, whether they are two or four-wheelers, will come fitted with components which will help them to comply with the new norms which require all vehicles to adhere to a set of strict rules in terms of tailpipe emissions. These additional components will add to the cost of the vehicle, which in turn will be passed on to the customer. In the case of diesel vehicles which will still be available once the new norms come into effect on April 1st 2020, they will cost substantially more than their BS4-compliant versions. The reason being, making a diesel engine comply with these strict emission norms involves components and tweaking which costs manufacturers a lot of money.

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Maruti Suzuki Swift front quarter

Fewer Horses

Compared to their BS4 version, most BS6-compliant vehicles will lose a few Bhps. The equipment which will make BS6-compliant vehicles emit substantially cleaner exhaust gases will also affect performance (quite a lot in most cases), as exhaust gases will have to pass through various stages of treatment before they come out of the pipe. Case in point, the BS4 Yamaha FZ-S Version 3 makes 13.2 PS, while leaked documents suggest that the BS6 version only makes 12.3 PS! That’s just 0.3 PS more than the Pulsar 125!

Some Favourites Will Be Taken Off The Market

2019 Volkswagen Polo GT TSI and TDI

While none of Maruti’s diesel cars will remain on sale after April 1st 2020, some examples which won’t make it beyond the BS6 deadline include variants of Volkswagen and Skoda’s cars which are powered by the 1.2-litre TSI (will be replaced by a 1.0-litre TSI motor) and the 1.5-litre TDI engine, some of Hyundai’s cars which are powered by the 1.6-litre and 1.4-litre diesel engine (a new 1.5-litre diesel engine will be used instead), and small capacity diesel engines which power the likes of the Tiago and the i10.

The Date Of Implementation Might Not Be Deferred

New 2017 Next gen Hyundai Verna 1.6 diesel engine bay (21)

Some are of the opinion that the date of implementation for these new norms might get deferred and manufacturers will then be given a grace period to clear all remaining stock at throwaway prices, which will be the right time to make hay. If you are of that opinion too, well, all the signs around us indicate that the implementation of BS6 norms will happen on the said date. Manufacturers are busy burning the midnight oil to upgrade their products and we think, if they had any such hints, they wouldn’t be in such a rush.

Current Discounts

Renault Duster facelift front quarter

Maruti Suzuki is offering a 5-year warranty on all its diesel cars, while others are offering huge discounts on their BS4 products. The best part is, it is the Government which has clarified that all BS4 vehicles will be road-legal until the end of their registration and these will work just fine on BS6 fuel, which will be introduced at pumps nationwide, just before the BS6 norms are in effect.

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