Top 5 two-wheeled cheap thrillers

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Top 5 two-wheeled cheap thrillers

In this day and age of 4K televisions and high-end multiplexes, when our cheap instincts take over, almost all of us start hunting for that torrent with the most seeders. Then there are those who seek their thrills in deeper bellies of shady alleys, where a saucy hand made poster with a super cheesy movie title leads them into a dark room filled with lusty eyed men. Behind those Armani shades and Gas clothing then, we all have a closeted personality which loves those cheap t-shirts available on the street. For those looking for similar peasantry thrills on two-wheels, here are some examples which will tantalize and excite more than that raunchy regional movie you watched the previous night.

All these machines can be bought for under Rs 20,000, provided you know where to look for.

Yamaha Rx-100/RX-Z/RXG/RX-135


If you are among those who like some noise along with the action, this Yamaha RX-100 and its other iterations are just the perfect two-wheeled alternatives. A heady concoction of blue smoke and two-stroke noise, the Yamaha RX was the original pocket rocket that still remains a potent fix for revelers. Although finding a well kept machine for a good price is difficult, it isn’t impossible to find a fair deal.

Hero Honda CBZ / Extreme


When it arrived, it did make motorcycling go unplugged to an extent. Even now, those clean lines and that 153 cc motor, married to a fantastic handling package is like that mature woman who has her own charm. Try finding one in an electric blue or black shade and maybe with a little nip and tuck job, this bike will still keep up with other modern day 150s.

Bajaj Pulsar 180/200/220


If the Pulsar RS or the NS are too many abbreviations for you to understand, pick any one of these, slap some slim shady message on the rear fender, and you’d automatically command respect from the slipper clad street fighters in your area. Try finding one that has been ridden by a sane soul, as chances are, a younger owner must’ve made that engine scream so much, it might’ve lost some or all of its voice by now. Build quality wasn’t bullet proof, so before you bring this toddy shop home, check for signs of rust or any previous crash the bike might’ve gone through.

TVS Fiero

Suzuki Fiero

Pick this one if you are a TVS loyalist and all your weekend efforts to find a Shogun have gone in vain. Seek and you shall find the earliest model with integrated blinkers, or one of the later F2 models which either came with a bikini fairing or a round headlamp up front. A mechanically strong product, the uniquely styled Fiero was praised highly for the way it performed. Reason why our Editor still holds on to his 15-year old sweetheart.

Hero Honda Karizma

Hero Honda Karizma

Leave that pinky name aside, and a yellow Karizma with those twin tail-lights still looks the part. Powered by a robust Honda engine, this semi-faired motorcycle still has some decent go to match that show. Parts were known to be on the slightly expensive side, including the cosmetic bits. For the times when you wish to replace Saturday evening hooliganism with a Sunday morning ride out of town, the Karizma will easily sing near the 100 kph mark all day long.

Think we missed out on something, feel free to fill the comments section with some of your home made brew.

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  • shanu rawat says:

    Ci love CBZ . this is the best bike ever came in 150 cc market great look n awsum handling ..can sumone bring me all new cbz blue or green varient ..i contacted many times in showrooms but still searchng for brand new cbz 🙁 … dnt knw when hero motor corp will listion me 🙁

  • lanja says:

    mada gudu ra munda

  • Dr. Rakshith says:


  • vamsi says:

    Apache 180 as i remember was launched in 2007… And most of the bike here are from early 2000 so its not impossible but hard to find one for that low.

  • vamsi says:

    It is possible… Look hard and you can find one from 15k onwards