Tips To Protect Your Car During The Heat Wave

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We might be in the month of July but it doesn’t seem like the summer season is gone. With harmful heat waves being reported across the world it truly is dangerous for humans. Heatwaves can potentially take lives too and one of the most vulnerable places to be in during this can be your car. Here are some ways in which you can keep your car cool during heatwaves.

Crack open the windows

You might be using your A/C all the time during the heat but it is wise to keep the windows every so slightly open. This help in keeping the hot air outside the cabin and facilitate ventilation.

Window car canvas on a movement landscape vie

Window car canvas on a movement landscape vie

Add sunshades

Many manufacturers now offer sunshades for the rear passengers from the factory itself. These sunshades are really helpful to protect you against the harsh sun rays. What makes it even more useful is the fact that they are a great alternative to tinted windows as the latter is banned in our country. If your car doesn’t get a sunshade from the factory, you can easily buy one for cheap to use on all the windows.

car sunshade (1)

Solar-powered fan

Sure your car might have an A/C but it doesn’t harm in using the free and abundant energy from the sun now does it? Solar-powered fans come in cheap and can also prove to be easy for your pocket in the long term. We all know how expensive petrol is now and how much an A/C can sap out of your mileage. You can retain your efficiency by not using the A/C and also keep cool with the fan.

solar powered fan

Get your A/C serviced

This goes without saying and certainly helps in the long run. You’re A/C might not perform at its best after being continuously due to the pollution and getting it serviced helps in getting the cooling efficiency back. A simple filter change can be carried out as a DIY job too

car ac filter (1)

Keep items away from the sun

We have heard many instances of cars catching fire due to inflammable items being left out in the open. Items such as deodorants and plastics are highly sensitive to heat and can cause fires. It is best to keep them under the seat or covered so that they are away from the sun.

Keep bedsheets over the seat

If you own a car with black leather seats, you might know how terrible it is to sit on them after parking in the sun. Keeping light coloured bedsheets over them will help to keep them cool. Just cover the seats with these sheets and you’ll come back to a much cooler seat to sit in.

cool seat cover (1)

Open the windows before getting in

Before getting in the hot car, open all the windows to perform ventilation. This helps the hot air to escape the cabin. This will also help the A/C to cool the cabin faster

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