This Marvel-ous Royal Enfield transformation is called the Americana

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It was made like a Gun to go like a Bullet. But that didn’t cut it anymore. So Bulleteer Customs injected a Royal Enfield with some super soldier serum while they sipped on their Americano, and the result is a build that will go well with your Captain America T-shirt or even that replica adamantium shield you’ve been fancying.


Called the Americana, this Sportster gets fat, 190MM rear rubber, and a 120mm front config. The sub-frame is almost non-existent, and for good reason. Because although Mr. Rogers fancies the Carter sisters, they might not live as long as him. So there’s no need to get used to riding two up. The Custom chassis geometry sports a racing spec rake and trail and has been paired to a horizontal mono shock rear suspension set up.


Illumination at both ends is a neat LED setup, while a digital speedometer in an old school format is a mix of the old and new. The front steering setup comprises of blacked out forks, controlled by a flat handlebar. Wheels at both ends are alloys and get a disc setup. The kick starter has been retained for all the right reasons, and we like how the short rear fender sits above the fat rear and has merged well with the swingarm setup.


This is the second such mod job we’ve come across from Bulleteer Customs, and the passion that goes behind their builds clearly reflects in the glossy paint those Royal Enfield motors have been sprayed with. It feels great to see that the chop shop scene in India is finally coming of age. And if Captain America doesn’t appeal to you for some reason, they’ve got something else to sweep you off your feet. It’s called the Rudra and you may check it out, here!

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