This Royal Enfield aka Rudra is the cleanest, most tasteful RE mod job you’ll come across

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You could be someone who isn’t a fan of the much adored Royal Enfield ‘Thump’. But this neat and tastefully executed RE mod job will make you want one just for the way it looks. Built around a 2003 Royal Enfield Thunderbird donor bike, the ‘Rudra’ is a brat style motorcycle built by Bulleteer Customs. And if you’ve got your mythology right, the Rudra takes inspiration from images of Lord Shiva when he’s in a rage.


One of the cleanest transformations to have crossed our vision in the longest time, the Rudra might be powered by the donor bike’s 360cc AVL motor. However, you can’t help but appreciate the simple allure of that teardrop tank, those inversely mounted RVMs, drag style bars, an upswept exhaust, and how everything that would’ve looked ungainly has been blacked out. The notorious motor gets a gun-metal finished casing, has been re-tuned and gets a Power filter.


Then there’s a digital meter, LED headlights, a slab seat finished in a rich shade of brown, and it ends with a neat looking, simple tail-light that has been mounted on a blacked out, chopped fender.


What accentuates the design is that up-sized rubber at both ends, where those blacked out spoke wheels get a 110 mm front and 140 mm rear tyre. They haven’t changed much, yet so much has changed. With a name like that and looks like those, it could easily become the Lord of whichever street you take it to. We love it! If you are sold too, do contact Bulleteer Customs on their facebook page.

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