This Yezdi And Jawa Theme 2017 Calendar Is A Must-Have For Your Desk

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Most of the times, we want something that we can relate to with our cars/bikes, be it a key-chain, a coffee mug or even a simple yearly calendar. While there are quite a few such things in the market that we use on a daily basis, this calendar is an item you should not miss!


Photographed by motorcycle enthusiast and Motoroids follower Gurushankar Subramanian and his wife Mahalakshmi, the 2017 Yezdi and Jawa theme calendar showcases a set of images featuring the Yezdi and Jawa brand of motorcycles.  You can endlessly stare into these images by ordering one of the calendars. If you wonder what went into the making of these images, you can log on to their website to glance through the ‘behind the scene’ stories of the respective images.


Yezdi and Jawa, two iconic brands that might take some of our readers down memory lane as they cherish their memories of the models. The exhaust note, uniquely unified gear lever and kick start, the drooping line from the headlamp to the tail light and so much more, you are bound to see almost every details in this calendar. If you wish to order a one or more of these calendars, you can head to the order page with the help of this link.

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