This 1,000cc Carberry V-twin sounds like the Royal Enfield from your dreams

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For a long time now, a Royal Enfield has been the canvas for many enthusiasts to paint their own picture in vivid colors. While most stick to transformations which involve the design, a few like tuning specialist Carberry, like to dig deeper. Conceived by Paul Carberry and brought to life by Ian and Paul Drysdale, Carberry-Enfield’s aim was to create a “classic” style 1000cc British V-Twin utilizing as many standard Royal Enfield parts as possible. Having moved operations to India after starting Down Under, the tuning house has developed a 1,000cc V-twin.


They set out to attain a well mannered torquey cruiser with the look, feel and sound expected from a bike with traditional British bloodlines but with enough technology to make it a practical everyday workhorse – at a reasonable price. The 55-degree vee angle was chosen for the combination of style, balance, and mechanical simplicity, as any vee angle tighter than 55 deg also requires heavy modification of the Royal Enfield heads for carburetor clearance. The standard Enfield primary drive cover has also been retained. The Enfield clutch is “beefed up” and a bigger engine sprocket is fitted to utilize the extra performance of the V-twin.

This BS-IV compliant motor runs a carb for now but will be paired with an FI system shortly. With a bore and stroke of 84mm and 90mm respectively, the long stroke motor displaces a 1,000cc, sips 91 octane fuel and develops  56.32bhp @ 4800rpm along with a massive 108 Newtons @ 5250rpm. Which is more than the amount of twist a 1,202cc Harley motor develops. Interestingly, Carberry could beat RE to the pole and start selling these in India, even before that much talked about factory developed 750cc twin makes its appearance.


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