These auxiliary fuel tanks are just what your motorcycle needs for that trip to the Himalayas

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When you ride a motorcycle which has been fitted with a rather tiny tank under all that chiselled bodywork, interrupting the ride for frequent refills can be annoying. Annoyance changes to worry when you take that same motorcycle to places where fuel bunks are few and too far apart. Most of us can’t afford the luxury to own different kinds of purpose built motorcycles, each specified for a particular style of riding. The one we have must go to the track, help us get rid of those chicken strips over weekends, ferry us to work on all other days, and take us to the Himalayas when someone surprisingly approves those leaves.


So when you take your Do-it-All motorcycle to remote locations, filling up a few plastic bottles or cans with additional fuel and figuring out ways to keep them upright while riding in challenging conditions is a headache not caused due to AMS. But are there any alternatives which work better than those aqua bottles? We found a few which you could consider.

Fuel Bladders


Made with reinforced, military spec, 1.3mm / 1250gsm TPU with odour proof layer and 4 x tie down eyelets, this fuel bladder includes 4 x belly strap pockets. It comes with an internal drain hose and has been designed for the increasing number of Bikers who travel to remote places and need to carry extra fuel. The LC Jerry Flex Bladder Tank is strong enough to handle the worst conditions and Flexible enough to be folded away or stored flat. They come with an Ultra light filler which has a simple pressure relief cap design.


This is a great alternative to additional hard tanks that need to be mounted on bikes and then taken off once home. Available in 20, 12, 10, 5.5, 3.5, and 2-litre capacities, you can simply strap one above your motorcycle’s tank, or tie it to the rear seat and ride till wherever your fuel economy calculations permit. Although mount one which is too heavy and it will make your motorcycle handle weirdly. Click for more information.

Auxiliary Handlebar Tank


Suitable for situations where you don’t really need a lot of bulk and just that tiny little extra will do the job. This design allows the handlebar tank to go dry first and comes with a kit that connects the auxiliary unit to the main fuel tank and automatically siphons fuel while the bike is being ridden. Because it sits above the handlebar, it doesn’t interfere with the headlight or manoeuvrability. The one here is an Acerbis made unit that can hold nearly 2.3-litres of fuel.

Rear Auxiliary Fuel Tank


These fuel tanks can be mounted on the rear rack if your bike has one or the fenders. It comes with a mount kit and can hold a good 6-litres which can extend the range of most motorcycle by more than 50%. Like the handlebar mounted tank, this one too goes dry before the main tank.


In addition to these, there are these portable fuel packs too which are robust and can carry enough fuel but don’t fit as an integral part of your motorcycle and one has to find ideal spots to carry them along.

Tank Bladder Image Courtesy: Motostories


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