The Tony535 has a Royal Enfield heart bound by Yamaha’s Deltabox frame

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A Royal Enfield’s lazy, heavy thumper hanging on to a lightweight, Moto GP derived Yamaha Deltabox frame isn’t the most ideal of conjugations. However, the custom built Tony535 vehemently refuses to believe that fact. Built by inline3 custom motorcycles, the same outfit that gave us the outrageous trellis framed; Yamaha RD350 engine powered “Flying Sikh“, the Tony535 was conceived for the biker build off championship at India Bike Week 2016. Front man Aseem Singh Pawar shares his story of building the Tony535, along with these images of this unique custom motorcycle.

After work started in December 2015 at a workshop in New Delhi, the Tony535 was finished in exactly 2.5 months, exactly in time for India Bike Week 2016. The R15’s Deltabox frame was sourced from a local Yamaha store, while a dummy Royal Enfield engine was used to fabricate the chassis mounts around it. Post that, WP front forks, a RE Thunderbird sourced rear swing arm, along with a WP rear mono-shock were installed around the Deltabox frame.

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Finally, the original Royal Enfiled engine was put into place. Displacing 535 cc, the engine came off a Continental GT, and went off to marry the Deltabox frame, but not before some heady performance parts went in. The Tony535’s RE motor features forged Wossner pistons, performance valves, cams, engine bearings, connecting rod and a Power Commander ECU; all sourced from Hitchcock motorcycles UK. Royal Motorcycles based in Karol Bagh, New Delhi helped Aseem in procuring these parts. The modified engine is claimed to deliver around 34 wheel horsepower.

When it came to appearances, Aseem wanted a clean look, so the custom motorcycle does away any “non performing visual parts”. Which means that there isn’t a headlamp, but a circular shield in its place. Even the instrument cluster, indicators and registration plates are conspicuous by their absence. The dual tone, custom fuel tank is painted in British Racing Green contrasted with silver, while yellow pin-striping differentiates the two coloured areas. Other highlights include clip-on handlebars, a custom exhaust with heat wraps, a minimalistic front fender and Michelin tires (110 section front; 140 section rear) wrapped around 17-inch spoke rims.

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After initial runs, Assem reckons that the marriage has been perfect, with Tony535 running like a dream. For Tony535, he would like to thank his friends – Melvin, Tejas, Sounak, Preetam, Sourabh and Soham for their support, Bitto bhai for the fabrication work and Rammy bhai for engine work. Last but not the least, he expresses his gratitude to his parents, especially his father, who always stood by him in course of the build.

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inline3 Tony535 (5)
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