Some tips for saving money while buying car insurance

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Most drivers, especially those on a budget are always looking for cheap car insurance.  Here we have some simple suggestions to keep your car insurance premium down, without losing out on the extra features.

To start with, never buy insurance from your car dealer without research. In most cases you will get a better deal elsewhere. If you don’t have the time to research the policy prices and benefits, use an insurance broker. You don’t have to buy from him if he’s not offering the best rate, and you’ll make a much more informed decision.

It’s always better to preserve your no claim bonus if your expenses for repairs are not significantly above your policy premium. In the long run, it will help you enormously to keep your insurance premium down. Do not make modifications to your car which may affect your policy or nullify it. Even when you have finalized the policy for your car, double checking online on the website of the Insurance Company is sometimes beneficial. Some companies offer cheaper rates of insurance when you buy online. For Example, Aviva UK offers great discounts online. Be sure to confirm policy prices by visiting such sites before making a decision.

Read the fine print, and check for omissions. Check whether things like towing expenses etc are covered in cheaper policies. Compare every detail of the policies on offer before making a decision, pay attention so that you don’t get a shock while making a claim.

Never get your car repaired or serviced from outside the authorized service station to save money in repairs and keep the no claims bonus. The quality of repairs won’t match the authorized service station and more often than not, will be discovered by the insurance company during the claim.

The best way to save money on your policy is to research. Use policy comparison websites, call up brokers, ask questions and close the deal only when you are fully satisfied.

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